AmeriStar Calls for Package Entries

NAPERVILLE, IL, USA—The Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) recently announced its call for entries for its 2003 AmeriStar Package Award competition. According to IoPP, "AmeriStar Package Awards honor the best packages of the year. The results are rewarding and educational for the innovators, the achievers, the judges, and the profession." IoPP adds anyone can enter, whether an IoPP member or not: "Entrants simply need to have been involved in the design or the manufacturing of the submitted package or one of [the package's] principal components."

Criteria for entries include: package or family of packages must be produced after January 1, 2002, and previously not entered into an AmeriStar competition, and the competition does not extend to, or will not include, prototypes. Entry deadline is July 1; late entry deadline is August 1, 2003. Judging will take place August 15, 2003, and winners will be notified by September 1, 2003. Entry fees:

  • Before July 1, 2003:

    IoPP Members: 1st entry: $395
    additional entries: $175
    Non-IoPP Members: 1st entry: $595
    additional entries:$225

  • Between July 2 and August 1, 2003 (no entries will be accepted after August 1)

    IoPP Members: 1st entry: $495
    additional entries: $225
    Non-IoPP Members: 1st entry: $695
    additional entries: $275

Package Categories:

  1. Food

    : Any processed food package available thru retail channels

  2. Food, Institutional

    : Any food package intended for use by hotels, retaurants, cafeterias, hospitals, etc.

  3. Beverage

    : Any beverage package including dry, powdered, liquid, frozen, alcoholic, non-alcoholic

  4. Health and Beauty Aids

    : Cosmetics, toiletries, fragrances, soaps, hair and skin care, dental, shaving

  5. Household Products

    : Detergents and related products, paper products, hardware, etc.

  6. Outdoor and Gardening

    : Plants, flowers, insecticides, seeds and feeding supplements, gardening equipment, decorations, outdoor furniture

  7. Electronics

    : Computers, telecommunications and related equipment, stereos and related sound equipment, TV, radio, photographic equipment and materials; scientific instruments and related equipment

  8. Displays

    : Packaging intended primarily as POP (point-of-purchase) display for any retail product

  9. Other Retail

    : Textiles, toys, athletic and leisure items, applicances, and other durable goods

  10. Pharmaceutical/Drug

    : Packaging intended for any ethical, OTC, nutraceutical or specialty (i.e., herbal)

  11. Medical Device

    : All medical devices, including surgical supplies, diagnostic products and equipment

  12. Regulated Packaging

    : Chemicals, paints, solvents, radioactive and explosive materials, all "haz-mat," military and other governmental

  13. Industrial/Commercial

    : Inter/intra-plant and any other packaging not intended for distribution to the retail customer

  14. Other

    : Not included in any fo the above (describe)

IoPP says winning packages will be displayed at PackExpo International 2003 and will be recognized at the AmeriStar Awards reception in the Naperville (Chicago) area in November this year. In addition, AmeriStar Award winners automatically qualify for entry into World Packaging Organization's WorldStar Packaging Awards competition, which compares packages of similar function from all around the world. For more information about the WorldStar competition, visit

Contact IoPP for information about how to present entries and juding criteria at 800/432-4085. Submit entry application, entry fee(s), supporting materials, and photographs to:

Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP)
1601 N. Bond St.
Suite 101
Naperville, IL 60563

Visit IoPP at

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