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Flexo Concepts Doctor Blades Suited for PCMC Chambers

PLYMOUTH, MA | Flexo Concepts is now applying foam tape to its TruPoint Orange and Polyester doctor blades for use in PCMC NT chambers. The adhesive-backed foam reportedly creates a positive seal to prevent ink leakage and minimize the need for cleaning. 

Company says TruPoint polymer doctor blades are now a viable option for flexible packaging printers using PCMC presses. TruPoint Orange is available in different thicknesses and MicroTip edges for maximum metering performance. On the containment side, TruPoint Polyester is said to be highly resistant to chemicals and to provide superior blade life. Both materials reduce anilox scoring and improve workplace safety.

The TruPoint sealing blades also work particularly well in chambers that have become pitted or coated with dried ink residue over time, adds company. By forming a gasket, the foam tape not only eliminates leaks but also prevents excessive doctor blade wear from increased pressure required to maintain contact area with the anilox roll.

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