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Flint Is Honored by FTA for Digital Plate

CHARLOTTE, NC | Flint Group Flexographic Products says it is proud to accept the 2016 FTA Technical Innovation Award for its nyloflex FTF digital plate.

Company reports the plate offers flat top dots and a micro-textured surface without the need for additional processing steps or digital surface screening, adding that this combination of features provides enhanced simplicity for packaging printers and increases efficiency in the prepress and platemaking process. 

According to P.J. Fronczkiewicz, product manager Flint Group Flexographic Products, "By far, the biggest advantage of the nyloflex FTF plate for flexible packaging printers is its inherent, micro-textured surface that provides the perfect conduit for accepting and then transferring ink onto smooth substrates. This allows printers to achieve substantial increases in solid ink density and nearly flawless, mottle-free ink laydown." He adds that printers will also enjoy the elimination of printed trail edge void issues with the new technology employed in the plate.

This technology also allows platemakers to process the plate just like they would any other standard digital plate without the need for additional equipment or consumable items or further investment in high resolution imaging upgrades and software. Due to the specialized surface texture, said to be suitable for any resolution, time savings can be achieved by imaging at a lower resolution. With what company calls “The Easy Way,” it is no longer necessary for trade shops to bear the costly process of matching and equalizing the subtle differences in surface screening between plates produced at multiple locations using different flat top dot systems—significantly reducing the complexity of the prepress and platemaking process.


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