Loftware Announces New Software Version

PORTSMOUTH, NH | Loftware, the global supplier of Enterprise Labeling Solutions, announces version 11.0 release of Loftware Print Server and Loftware Label Manager.

LPS 11.0 introduces Printer Groups said to enable customers to optimize printing by allocating system resources to the high-priority printers. Company says this release also reduces design time and label maintenance by introducing a text box feature that dynamically sizes text and offers even more support for color printing by introducing a PCL 5c native driver.

Version includes a new Printer Groups feature said to improve performance and ease printer management. Users can specify printer groups to segment high traffic printers apart from low traffic printers and then allocate system resources to the groups that require the most computing power. This offers greater control over the printer landscape and faster label printing where it’s most needed.

Company says new Text Box capabilities reduce label design effort by allowing the application to dynamically size fonts for variable text fields where different amounts of text need to be printed within a finite space. This empowers users to avoid the time and expense of creating different labels for each scenario. Vertical alignment, as well as adjustable line and paragraph spacing, can be defined within a easy to use interface further streamlining and saving time in the design process.

Print Server 11.0 also introduces a native PCL 5c printer driver that supports color label printing to a myriad of inkjet and office printers. With this native driver, LPS 11.0 optimizes performance, minimizes network traffic, and reduces maintenance by eliminating the need to install Windows drivers.

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