ICC Review to Affect Color Software

RESTON, VA, USA—The International Color Consortium (ICC) has announced that a major revision to the ICC specification is available for review and comment. However, says ICC officials, the review period is slated to close February 6, 2002. According to the consortium, version 4 of the ICC specification contains more than 15 significant changes to the prevsious version; it adds that implementers of color-management software will be required to upgrade their software in order to use the new version.

The purpose of the review, ICC reports, is to provide interested parties with an opportunity to see the content of the revised specification prior to its final adoption by the ICC as well as to identify any possible intellectual-property infringement by the technical content of the ICC specs. According to the ICC release, "Recipients of the Proposed Specification are invited and encouraged to notify the ICC of any intellectual property rights including (but not limited to): patents and patent applications; utility models; copyrights; trade secrets; or any other proprietary rights on a worldwide basis, of which they are aware that may be implicated by the practice of the Proposed Specification ('Third Party IP Rights'), and to provide supporting documentation."

The proposed specifcation can be downloaded at color.org/upload/ICC_Final_Major_Revision_Nov29_2001.pdf. A printed copy of the specification may be obtained by contacting Kip Smythe, ICC Secretary, 1899 Preston White Drive, Reston, VA, 20191; ph: 703/264-7200; fax: 703/620-0994; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Visit ICC on the web at color.org.

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