Vortec Supplies Ionizing Air Knives

CINCINNATI, OH | Vortec offers ionizing air knives that neutralize static that can attract dust and contaminants. Knives also stop static discharges that can damage electronic equipment and shock personnel.

A static neutralizing bar generates positively and negatively charged ions that are carried to the target by a uniform sheet of amplified air. Air amplifiers use a small amount of filtered compressed air to deliver a powerful, high-velocity sheet of laminar air over wide areas. Company says design produces increased thrust and velocity, reduced noise, and excellent uniformity, making knives ideal for moving webs, film, sheets, strips, and more.

While air amplifiers require only filtered compressed air, the ionizing air knives require a power supply. Depending upon the number of ionizing bars needed, two or four cable models are available. All of company’s power supplies are rated at 115V, 50/60 Hz input, 7.5 kV output.

Interchangeable shims enable the airflow to be adjusted per specific application requirements. Knives are available in 6-, 12-, 18-, and 24-in. lengths A single, ¼-in. NPT, compressed air inlet will feed a length to 12 in. (two inlets required on longer models). With no moving parts, no maintenance is required.

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