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Flint Introduces Letterpress Plate

STUTTGART, GERMANY | Flint Group Flexographic Products reports the introduction of its new letterpress plate, nyloprint WF-S. The new plate stands for “Water-washable Film based - Soft” and replaces the nyloprint WF-M printing plate type from November 2015. 

Company says that, compared to the previous type, the new water-washable nyloprint film-based plate has an even softer plate surface for more flexible applications, and the soft surface provides improved ink transfer resulting in optimal ink laydown, especially on rough surfaces. The plate is said to be particularly suitable for special applications such as blister pack printing but also for rotary letterpress, coating units, and imprinting units.

Reportedly, the new letterpress plate shows all advantages of the nyloprint WF plate range: very efficient and fast plate processing, as the reproduction is completed within 25-35 min. Additionally, it offers a wide exposure latitude combined with high intermediate depths and very good durability for long print runs, company adds.

The plate is available in thicknesses of 0.70, 0.80, and 0.95 mm. A digital version of the film-based plate with all the advantages of digital processing is also available on request.

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