Mark Andy Works to Reduce Carbon Footprint

ST. LOUIS, MO | Mark Andy, manufacturer of globally distributed label and package printing and converting machinery, reports it has put an emphasis on corporate responsibility, committing to reduce its carbon footprint by transforming waste disposal methods. To this end, the company has begun supplying a majority of its operational waste as raw material in the production of an alternative fuel source, ENVIRO-Fuelcubes, a green fossil fuel substitute produced by Materials Lifecycle Management Company (MLMC), Bridgeton, MO. 

MLMC says it is committed to providing solutions to transfer millions of tons of Secondary Recovered Materials (SRM)—nonresidential, non-hazardous, solid materials that are being landfilled or incinerated annually in the US. MLMC has developed a manufacturing process that converts SRM into alternative ENVIRO-Fuelcubes, which are used by energy-consuming manufacturers to replace and reduce coal consumption. “Unwanted materials should not be discarded as trash by businesses,” says MLMC, “but instead, intentionally managed as a valuable and marketable commodity.”

When operating at full capacity, MLMC will divert 160,000 tons of material waste from landfills and produce 120,000 tons of renewable alternative fuel for Missouri’s energy-intensive industries. The remaining 40,000 tons of material will be captured and classified for a higher use within the recycling and re-use industry. From a greenhouse gas perspective, ENVIRO-Fuelcubes will significantly reduce the amount of carbon dioxide as well as other toxic gases from being emitted into the air in Missouri from traditional fossil fuels, MLMC reports.

Mark Andy has started diverting an estimated 26 tons of SRM waste/mo (278 tons annually) to the MLMC manufacturing facility to produce the ENVIRO-Fuelcubes, eliminating approximately 90% of its factory waste from going into landfills and reduce overall waste removal expense by nearly 42%/yr.

Mary Sullivan, director of global marketing at Mark Andy, says, “We are excited to further pursue ways to positively impact the environment and our local community. Mark Andy now has a sustainability partner in MLMC that truly reinforces our commitment to improving the environment and support our green initiatives. It’s a win-win for everyone. As a larger industrial manufacturer in the region, we look forward to making a big difference.”

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