KBA Press Helps Converter Tout USA-Made Theme

DALLAS, TX | In late July Impact Innovations held its first open house at its facility in Memphis, TN, with the theme “Made In The USA” to dedicate its newest press—a KBA-Flexotecnica EVO XG ten-color flexo press. Attendees learned how the firm is bringing jobs and work back to the US from Asia, where its gift wrapping paper used to be produced.

“This was a very special open house for our company,” says John Dammermann, president of Impact Innovations. “We are so proud to be creating new jobs here at our facility as we bring our work back to the US with the installation of our first new presses.…Our message is simply put: ‘Made in the USA’. We’ve successfully brought back our high-end gift wrapping paper to be printed and produced here rather than overseas in China.”

The firm’s first KBA-Flexotecnica was installed in July, and the firm’s second KBA-Flexotecnica press will arrive from Italy later this year.

During the event the new press produced brightly colored holographic and prismatic gift wrapping paper for the upcoming holiday season to be sold by major mass retailers.

The EVO XG central impression, sleeve, gearless series flexographic printing press available in line speeds to 600 mpm. It has a width range to 63 in. Company says print quality is enhanced by state-of-the-art video register and defect protection systems.

“We’re proud of our decision to invest in KBA-Flexotecnica presses,” says Dammermann. “They are known worldwide for superior, gearless, sleeved, central impression flexographic printing presses. We’re excited to be operating two of these fine presses here in Memphis.”

Steve Korn, KBA director of national and key accounts, says, “We are thrilled about the two new KBA-Flexotecnica press investments made by Impact Innovations for its Memphis location. This was the culmination of a considerable amount of hard work behind the scenes between both firms and is just the beginning of a much broader program that John Dammermann and his team are executing to onshore their printing volume. We at KBA are most appreciative of the strong partnership that we’ve forged together with Impact Innovations as we worked hand in hand on this keystone project.”

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