Adhesives Research Details Splicing Tape

GLEN ROCK, PA | Adhesives Research, a developer and manufacturer of pressure-sensitive adhesives, tapes, specialty coatings, films, and
laminates, announces ARclad 0082 splicing tape for bonding low surface energy films and other challenging substrates in high-speed applications. 

The 8-mil, double-faced tape features a high-performance, rubber-based adhesive coated onto a conformable paper carrier. Company says the tape’s blue color allows for easy splice detection and visual confirmation that the white release liner is removed during splice preparation.

Tape is said to increase throughput by providing secure bonds to high-slip films in flying splice and winder applications at speeds to 1,750 fpm and to bond well to cold substrates and maintains consistent tack for reliable splices in colder environments.

This tape is called ideal for splicing low- and high-density polyethylene films, polycoated films, foils, and paper board. Related splicing applications include bonding substrates in unwind splicers, automatic core starts, and static overlaps.


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