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GEW Offers Hybrid UV Curing System

CRAWLEY, WEST SUSSEX, UK | GEW (EC) announces ArcLED, a hybrid UV curing system. 

Company says the system enables an investment in arc technology now to be upgraded later with LEDs using the same lamphead casing and the same power supply and control. The user simply adds the LED cassettes required, fits a water cooling system (already available on many machines), and the RHINO ArcLED power supply does the rest. It automatically recognizes which type of cassette is installed in the machine and adjusts the RHINO control accordingly.

System is said to be very energy-efficient compared to conventional electronic power supplies. Reportedly, the combination of quick-swap lampheads, reactive detection of the required power, and automatic switching will optimize processes, maximize ink compatibility, and increase machine productivity.

The systems are supplied, as standard, with company’s Embedded Service package that allows remote monitoring of the system running condition, allowing the manufacturer’s service engineers to detect and correct out-of-tolerance parameters.

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