BOBST Open House Welcomes Converflex Visitors

PIACENZA, ITALY | BOBST reports the recent Converflex exhibition afforded visitors a chance to see live demonstrations of the company’s gravure printing presses and laminators at the nearby production plant in San Giorgio Monfe. More than 60 converters visited the plant during a two-day Open House. 

On its Converflex stand, the company exhibited the Rotomec 4003MP gravure printing press for flexible materials, the same line in demonstration at the Open House.

The Rotomec 4003MP gravure press currently in company’s Italia’s Competence Center is configured for shaftless gravure cylinders. Reportedly, the printing demonstration was built around showing guests the efficiency, and the resulting output quality, of the systems and equipment the press is equipped with—most notably its integrated washing system and its Twin Trolley.

Company says the use of the Twin Trolley system highlighted the flexibility it provides in terms of fast job preparation and ink logistics, as well as the savings that can be made by a reduction in both ink use and solvent waste.

After seeing the performance of the equipment dedicated to gravure printing, visitors moved to the CL 850D duplex laminator equipped with a flexo trolley, said to have high performance in coating solvent-based adhesives onto thin aluminum foil.

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