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AirTrim Unit Chops and Collects Trim

SPRINGFIELD, OH | AirTrim introduces the MITS-AIO-PF portable trim collection unit to chop and to collect up to two trims from a single converting line, said to significantly reduce trim waste volume. 

This portable “All-In-One” unit is built around the Lundberg Tech cutters that chop trim material to minimize waste volume. Company says that, depending upon material, trim width, and thickness, this can reduce landfill trips to 50“Move It Trim Systems” (MITS) family of portable trim removal systems is said to be suited for a wide range of materials including paper, film, foil, and plastics with a minimum thickness of 0.0004 in. The MITS-AIO-PF includes control, trim intakes, duct, fan, silencers, cutter, dust filter, air/material separator, and a receiver.

System reportedly includes all of the components found in larger systems for high-efficiency trim removal, including a dust containment filter to keep the workplace clean, but in a compact size that fits most tight spaces. Optional High Capacity Two Bag receiver permits continuous operation, even while changing receiver bags.

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