BDT Granted Patent for Sheeting Method


ROTTWEIL, GERMANY | BDT Media Automation, a provider of flexible media management solutions for digital print, packaging, and converting markets, has been granted a US patent 8,960,666 B2 for a method to create shingled streams of media utilizing the company’s Tornado technology.

The method enables the formation of variable overlap shingled streams over a wide range of media types and sizes without the need for mechanical intervention or adjustment. Using this method, company says, media stacks with clean edges can be collected within variable sheeter systems without the need to mechanically adjust end stops or guides, and stacks will be inherently aligned to the front edge of a pallet or trolley. This eliminates the need within converting applications to realign stacks off-line and reportedly enables higher quality on applications such as cutting or gluing. Furthermore, the method is said to work fully format-independent, which helps to optimize set-up times and provides more flexibility for digital workflows.

Company reports this new shingling method is possible because of the properties of the BDT Tornado modules, which create a low pressure zone to attract and control the media. Each module operates as an independent unit that is fully controllable via software. This system replaces vacuum-based systems that incorporate complex suction cup or vacuum belt elements. With this method it is also possible to create overlapping streams of packaging materials including lightweight media, cardboard, and flexible bags.

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