DuPont Installs Platemaking System


WILMINGTON, DD | DuPont Packaging Graphics has installed the world’s first DuPont Cyrel 3000 Modular InLiner flexographic platemaking system at Phototype, an independently owned brand building company in Cincinnati, OH. Reportedly capable of processing more than 120 high quality photopolymer plates per day, this new system combines processor, dryer, light finisher, and stacker into one unit said to deliver quality results at high speed.

“Plate production productivity has increased by more than 25 percent since the installation,” says Bill Hounshell, VP printing services, Phototype. “The service and response time from DuPont is exceptional, so it was an easy decision to have this new Cyrel InLiner installed. Installation was completed quickly, and we were processing plates within one week. Since then we have been virtually error-free for more than six months.”

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