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Durst Digital Label Press Handles Jumbo Rolls


ROCHESTER, NY | Durst is now offering a high-productivity, industrial-scale, “jumbo roll” unwind/rewind option for its Tau 330 UV inkjet digital label press.

The fully automated, servo-driven, external “jumbo roll” unwind/rewind units accommodate rolls to 3 ft dia, 14 in. wide, and more than 13,000 linear ft in length. System features a built-in roll handler for motorized loading and unloading said to provide easy and fast handling of large heavy rolls. Also, a built-in splice table makes roll changes equally easy and fast, company says. Servo drive feeds material in both directions.

This high-productivity configuration can be employed with the standard Tau 330, or with the Tau’s Low Migration System for printing on foils and thin films. It handles a range of materials as thick as 20-pt paperboard. Reportedly, users will have up to two hours of continuous uninterrupted printing, fewer changeovers, and less downtime, company reports, says the “jumbo roll” option offers a significant advantage to label and package printers who want to take on long runs and enjoy the advantages of digital imaging.

“The Tau 330’s running speed of 157 feet per minute, its extended run times with our new ‘jumbo’ option, and its robust build quality provide all the proof anyone might need that digital is not just for short runs anymore,” says Christopher Howard, VP of Strategic Business Development for Durst U.S.”

Equipped with Xaar 1002 single-pass printheads, the Tau 330 achieves printing speeds of more than 157 linear fpm for a production capacity of 10,200 sq ft/hr. The unit’s standard ink configuration of CMYK can be upgraded on-demand with white and two additional process colors, such as orange and violet. The press also comes with comprehensive RIP software with integrated substrate- and color-management options.

Other features include an integrated cooling roll for processing thin, heat-sensitive materials to complete a broad range of applications and achieve outstanding print quality of 720 x 1,260 dpi.

For the highest productivity from an entirely digital end-to-end workflow, company also offers the Tau LFS 330, featuring an in-line digital laser finishing system created to Durst specifications by Spartanics, the laser die-cutting company. The Tau LFS 330 also incorporates a 1,000-watt laser said to deliver precise speed matching, automatic job changeovers, and a significant reduction in waste. This permits the management of multiple jobs in a single pass and virtually uninterrupted printing for previously unattainable productivity.

Company says the Tau LFS 330, while delivering high image quality output in a total digital end-to-end workflow, also achieves superior print and cut quality on a broad range of substrates, including papers, films, polyester, polycarbonates, metalized material, and more. It reportedly offers high flexibility in terms of cutting applications, including kiss, through, perforate, engrave, mark, and score. UV coating, lamination, and slitting options can be added to the system for more finishing versatility.

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