Label Traxx Announces Digital Prepress Tool


MILWAUKEE, WI | Label Traxx MIS will be introducing several key features for digital label printers at DSCOOP X in Washington, DC, March 5–7. One of the developments is an enhancement to the integration between Label Traxx and the prepress software Automation Engine, by EskoArtwork

Label Traxx will now be able to pass “lead-in” and “lead-out” specifications to Automation Engine, and these can be automatically printed at the beginning and end of a job. The product and job details and company logo can be added to the technical color for the die line. The die line technical color/separation will then print on the lead-in and lead-out frames for the job. Company also will specify the number of lead-in and out frames required for that product.

The lead-in and lead-out frames are used to register the labels on the finishing equipment. Enabling Label Traxx and Automation Engine to automatically generate the lead-in/out frames reportedly saves a significant amount of time in prepress. The number of frames will also be communicated directly, eliminating the risk of mistakes due to manual data entry.

“For companies that were adding this information manually at prepress, this feature will save an inordinate amount of time,” says Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt. “Passing lead-in/out data from Label Traxx to Automation Engine makes the set-up of digital label jobs even more streamlined—something that’s key when you are dealing with high volumes of smaller jobs.”

Product status information is now sent from Label Traxx to Automation Engine, which specifies whether a product is new or a re-run with or without changes.

The latest release of Label Traxx also includes the new model of click charges for the HP 20000 from HP Indigo, enabling user to estimate jobs on the press accurately and consistently.

Another new feature enables the storage of associated documentation within different records in Label Traxx.

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