CSW Partners with MacDermid to Distribute WhiteFX


LUDLOW, MA | CSW, a supplier of providing printing plates, cutting dies, image engineering, package prototypes, 3D renderings, and workflow coordination to the US flexo industry, is partnering with MacDermid Printing Solutions to maximize distribution opportunities for CSW’s WhiteFX Ink Transfer Solution.

The partners conducted a joint study to identify the optimal combination of print variables that would help flexographic printers solve the problem of uneven white ink laydown on clear substrates. The findings were presented at the Flexographic Technical Association Forum. Later, both companies commercialized different aspects of the research.

WhiteFX uses plate surface engineering to optimize solvent-based white ink transfer. When used in combination with MacDermid’s new Digital MWW plate material, WhiteFX has been shown to reduce pinholing, improve opacity, and brighten overprinted colors, company says.

WhiteFX is now available as part of MacDermid’s MWW Plate Package, in addition to its continued offering as a standalone product ordered directly from CSW.

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