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DALIM Upgrades Automation Software


KEHL, GERMANY | DALIM SOFTWARE extends its capabilities into the digital arena with the launch of ES 4.5, described as a significant update of its automation software. New features extend the software’s reach beyond its traditional print production and image workflows to support photo studios, retailers, brand owners, and their respective media service providers, i.e., anyone whose packaging production or marketing communication efforts starts with a single asset. In doing so, production automation is expanded from business process management to final file processing—from preproduction to image handling to video.

An integrated media platform manages the technical production as well as the business review and approval process of cross media. It now includes an integrated media asset manager (MAM) said to provide better control of content and make it easier for all members of the content supply chain to access project content quickly.

ES 4.5 lets users create their own private ‘collections’ of assets (images, content, etc.), with basket ‘ordering’, rating systems, and an easy way to share these collections via email or social media. This offers users a new way to distribute content for review and approval.

Extending the use of HTML5, the DIALOGUE Engine proofing system’s tools reportedly make review of content extremely fast and easy from a Java-free website. A Milestone Progress “Component” offers more intuitive project tracking and interaction (such as approve/reject, validate, or file upload).

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