ei3 Increases Focus on Flex Pack Market

MONTVALE, NJ, USA—Supplier of 24/7/365 engineering support and web-enabled applications ei3 reports it has created a FLEXPAC team of engineers and process consultants to support converters and packaging manufacturers.

"Over the last 18 months, ei3 has grown significantly in the flexible packaging market through relationships with strategic manufacturing accounts as well as with OEM partners," says VP of sales James Rooney, "including Galileo Vacuum Systems, Dusenbery Worldwide, Kroenert, and Polytype. This growth fueled the creation of the FLEXPAC team of ei3 engineers and consultants to meet the increasing need for 24/7 support, as well as process optimization efforts. Clients expect the highest level of service from ei3, and the FLEXPAC team is the response."

From its operations center in Montvale, ei3 provides 24-hour-per-day, 7-day-a-week technical support to machines in the flexible packaging industry, reports the co. "Engineering support and data services are provided via high-speed secure connectivity to the machine control systems, delivering real-time information via ASP software tools with anywhere-anytime access through the Internet. On-site process consulting capabilities are available for process optimization, control system upgrades, and design of experiments," adds co.

The new FLEXPAC team of engineers and consultants at ei3 will be focused on specific needs of flex pack. "At any time of day or night, customers will have access to engineers familiar with processes and control systems on metallizers, printing presses, rewinders, slitters (slitter/rewinders), and coating and laminating machines, individuals that can respond immediately and help troubleshoot problems," adds Randy Witwick, director of operations at ei3.

Visit ei3 at ei3.com.

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