Videojet Inkjet Printer Has Two Printheads


WOOD DALE, IL | Videojet Technologies announces the 1610 dual-head, small-character continuous inkjet printer, featuring two printheads that can run independently or in tandem to meet a wide range of applications. This can include applications that require printing on two locations on a single product, or on multiple lanes on a traversing unit. 

The unit can print up to five lines of high-resolution code per printhead at speeds to 960 fpm for applications such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, tobacco, and building materials.

“Both printheads feature an advanced, Clean Flow printhead design that provides maximum uptime,” says Scott Benigni, Videojet continuous inkjet product manager. “By reducing ink buildup that can cause traditional ink jet printers to shut down, the Clean Flow printhead delivers less maintenance and longer runs without intervention.”

The printer includes IP65 washdown and dust protection that allows for superior environmental protection with no plant air required. Additionally, the vapor recovery system on the Videojet 1610 Dual Head printer reduces solvent consumption and provides longer runs before fluid change.

The Videojet 1610 Dual Head leverages the exclusive Smart Cartridge fluid system featured on all printers in the Videojet 1000 Line. By reading the embedded microchip, the printer identifies whether compatible fluid has been installed to prevent errors in ink types or switching make-up and ink fluids. Said to save time and money, the fluid system is designed to drain completely, wasting no residual fluids. The needle-and-septum design eliminates the need for operators to pour ink, preventing fluid spillage and waste.

The integrated core consolidates the printer’s key ink system components into one part and requires preventive maintenance only every 12,000 hours for heavy-duty applications. Core changeout is reported to be simple and mess-free and is designed to be changed out quickly and easily. A countdown meter offers easy monitoring of time remaining before the core must be changed.

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