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Allstein Announces New Paperboard Press


STEINHAGEN, GERMANY | Allstein, a manufacturer of customized central impression (CI) flexographic presses, has introduced a CI press specifically for paperboard and folding carton applications.

North American sales manager Kurt Flathmann says, “This is not simply the traditional film press with larger idler rolls that is currently available from suppliers, rather it is a workhorse press designed to specifically handle the higher tensions and greater caliper variations typical in paperboard while providing the significant advantages that CI flexo offers.”

Each application, whether folding carton, liquid packaging, or food service such as plates and cups, has its specific requirements. With the application, the substrates as well as the inking system and the processing method can change. For an efficient operation, production speed, setup, and changeover times need to be optimized and adopted to the changing requirements. Company says its paperboard equipment offers that ability to optimize each step in the process via the following short set-up and changeover times, versatility in equipment configuration, significant waste reduction, and ease of operation.

The equipment offers the ability to have a completely in-line process for finished, die-cut, stripped, and stacked cartons at the end of the line in a single pass, or a single press with the speed and efficiency to serve multiple converting processes downstream to ensure the optimum converting efficiency. The system can use various ink systems and offers what is called efficient front and reverse-side printing in one pass.

Other reported benefits are efficient in-line production of the finished blank by means of flat-bed or rotary die-cutter; high-speed, low-waste operation of in-line sheeting or rewinding enabling user to optimize existing assets without additional investment; modular extension according to the needs of customers; and long-run jobs that can be easily handled with high-speed capability.

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