BCC Research Issues Report on EMI/RFI Shielding


WELLESLEY, MA | BCC Research is offering market research on EMI/RFI shielding. Company says the increasing number of devices and components requiring EMI/RFI shielding will drive steady growth in this market for the near term. However, the intense proliferation of portable electronic and wireless devices, as well as ever-increasing frequencies being encountered in today's market, will present several challenges.

The report says several of the upcoming technology trends in this market are in response to higher frequencies, in which shorter wavelengths could penetrate currently used shielding products. Technologies that could possibly replace some of the current shielding materials include absorbent EMI products to counter new electronic technologies such as Bluetooth and high-speed LAN systems.

BCC also announces a new report entitled “Absorbent and Adsorbent Materials: Global Markets.” Adsorption is a process in which liquid is soaked and takes place on the surface, while absorption involves the bulk of the material where sorbent soaks all the liquid into it. According to the research, although absorbent polymers represent the largest market in terms of revenue, the market for adsorbents is larger in terms of volume, due to lower prices than those of absorbent polymers.

Worldwide growth will be driven by increased sales in personal hygiene products due to increased awareness and disposable income. Wastewater treatment and air purification will drive the adsorbents market, dominated by sales of activated carbon. The total worldwide market will grow to over $11 billion in 2019. BCC Research's report segments the market by material type, application, and geography.

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