Videojet Printers Said to Aid Uptime


WOOD DALE, IL | Videojet Technologies, a manufacturer of coding, printing, and laser marking products, fluids and accessories for the product identification industry, offers two next-generation inkjet printers to its 1000 Line: the 1550 and 1650.

Designed with new features to promote productivity and profitability, the 1550 and 1650 inkjet printers provide metrics to measure availability as well as the tools to measure and improve uptime and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Said to be simple to operate, the 1550 and 1650 also include Code Assurance features to help reduce coding errors and ensure the right code is printed on the right products.

Printers are said to reduce unplanned downtime through features like the patented CleanFlow printhead and Dynamic Calibration ink flow system. Designed to resist ink build-up that can lead to a shutdown, both printers possess an auto-cleaning function, meaning there are less frequent printhead cleanings and positive flow of filtered air for more reliable, clear and consistent codes, even at the end of long production runs, company says.

The printhead design and long-lasting core minimizes planned downtime due to long intervals—up to 14,000 hours—between planned routine maintenance cycles.

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