Fife Releases Digital Line Guide Sensor

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK | Maxcess, a global supplier of products and services for the web handling industry, recently introduced the Fife SE-46C Digital Line Guide Sensor. The product is said to be capable of detecting lines, edges of lines, and graphic patterns such as barcodes.

Accompanying the SE-46C is the OI-TS operator interface. Featuring an intuitive touch screen, equipped with color symbols and multiple languages, the OI-TS is said to be easy to install and operate. Unit is suited for edge and line guiding on a slitter/rewinder, guiding into print, rewinding on a printing press, or simple movable sensor center guiding on a blown film extruder.

“The new SE-46C, and accompanying OI-TS Operator Interface, allows the operator to visually see the exact color representation of the web right on the interface itself, simplifying the setup and usage for the operator,” says Darren Irons, global product manager for Fife.

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