Anderson & Vreeland Plate Washers Are Automatic

BRYAN, OH | Anderson & Vreeland is offering OVIT Flexo Matic plate washers designed to automatically clean, rinse, and dry flexo plates, reportedly saving money and improving plate quality by automating this time-consuming maintenance process. 

Company says results demonstrate that automatic plate cleaning systems reduce plate damage and offer superior consistency in cleaning, as opposed to manually cleaning flexo plates.

“You can now clean, rinse and dry flexo plates much quicker, more effectively, and consistently with a Flexo Matic plate washer,” says Jessica Harkins Harrell, technologies manager for Anderson & Vreeland. “You simply feed plates into the system and they are cleaned and dried automatically, and ready for storage.”

Available in a range of sizes from 35.07 x 42.55 in. to 56.3 x 72.05 in., plate washers clean all types of ink from the complete plate surface with liquid detergent and two rotating, translational brushes. The automatic plate washers remove ink from hard-to-clean reverse areas and screens, and are said to offer unsurpassed consistency in cleaning so plates remain in the same top condition after repeated use.

Features include independent, adjustable feed and brushing speeds, an inlet “feed” table, and outlet receiving basket. Reported environmental benefits include extending the life of flexo plates for repeated use and recycling the plate washing liquid and rinse water that provides for extended use. Plate washers also assist with compliance of safety rules for the operator and environment since they automate the process of cleaning and drying flexographic plates, company says.

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