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LexJet Supplies Michelman Primers for HP Indigo Presses


SARASOTA, FL | LexJet now supplies in-line primers from Michelman, Cincinnati, OH, for HP Indigo 20000 and 30000 digital presses.

The Michelman primers available exclusively through LexJet include DigiPrime 050 (DP050) for the HP Indigo 20000 and DigiPrime 060 (DP060) for the HP Indigo 30000.

DigiPrime 050 prepares film and metallized film for printing to improve the transfer and adhesion of HP Indigo Electroinks to the substrate, and it is suitable for use in food packaging. DigiPrime 060 is said to improve ink transfer and adhesion for paperboard and metallized paperboard used in folding box and carton printing with the HP Indigo 30000.

"Our sole purpose is to ensure our HP Indigo customers maximize their print quality and production, and to ensure they have the latest and most technically advanced products to meet their needs," says Tom Hauenstein, LexJet technical sales representative.

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