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FFEI Adds Enhancements to Prepress Software


HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, UK | FFEI, developer of digital imaging solutions, reports a range of new enhancements to the RealPro Toolkit software.

The latest release includes 12 new features that include a new FX module for managing the identification and elimination of banding and other artefacts on flat colors. Color editing using curves on both Vector and Raster artwork is also possible. This is said to especially useful for modifications of objects printed on highly reflective metallic/holographic substrates where profiles cannot be effectively made.

When creating the imposition layout, it's now possible to select a spot color from the one-up file to be used for defining the CAD lines.

According to Andy Cook, FFEI managing director, the company has seen increasing demand for a packaging prepress solution that enables users to prepare native Adobe Illustrator files and PDF for production efficiently.

“I've been overwhelmed with the response from our customers for Realpro Toolkit,” says Cook. “This latest version really is a great set of additional features which I know we are all excited about. It overcomes the challenges that so many prepress technicians face—proprietary file formats, PDF format conversion, lost layers, transparency issues—just to name a few.”

Realpro Toolkit is said to increase productivity and standardize document structure from design concept to production-ready files, regardless of the print process. Kit consists of more than 12 modules designed to address specific prepress workflow requirements such as file editing and preparation, color management, trapping, and step and repeat tasks. Features also extend to specialist tasks such as cylinder repeats, patterns and artwork pre-distortion, all displayed in a user-friendly interface.

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