Flint Adds Two Inks to EkoCure Line


PLYMOUTH, MN | Flint Group Narrow Web introduces EBONY and IVORY, two of the newest products in the EkoCure family of UV LED curable products. EBONY and IVORY are black and white respectively and are said to offer extreme density and opacity for flexo printed inks.

Company says EBONY can be printed with coarser anilox technology to achieve high densities and yet maintain excellent press performance speeds and print performance such as adhesion and scratch resistance.

IVORY, together with the latest developments in anilox technology, reportedly enables printers to achieve an opaque white layer cured with UV LED lamps previously only possible using UV LED screen whites. Company says that, providing that printers utilize the correct anilox engravings and a tested combination of plates and tapes, it is possible to print certain labels which high-opacity white images that often required a rotary screen white.

Both products will increase press productivity and can be used in combination with other EkoCure products or conventional UV curing inks systems.

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