Heraeus Noblelight LED Systems Are High-Powered


GAITHERSBURG, MD | Heraeus Noblelight has developed a portfolio of high-power 365 nm LED systems. Offering a UV output of 7 W/cm2 at the emission window, these lamps are available in three form factors to accommodate a variety of curing processes

The lamps’ modular design offers the flexibility to meet various process widths and machine designs, and the low heat generation is suitable to heat-sensitive materials. As with company’s other LED systems, the 365 nm lamps can be dimmed or cycled repeatedly without losing intensity during their service life.

Company says curing inks and coatings in today’s high performance UV curing processes requires high performance lamps. Sufficient curing of these materials, and ultimately the materials’ cured performance, is achieved through high UV intensity and energy. Furthermore, these demanding processes require lamps that are properly matched with the inks and coatings to be cured.

Many of today’s ink and coating systems have been formulated with photoinitiators that are responsive to 365 nm energy, company notes. Medium pressure lamps exhibit a broad UV spectral output, and their strong peak at 365 nm is thus compatible with these photoinitiators.

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