SPGPrints Offers Low-Migration UV Inkjet Inks


BOXMEER, THE NETHERLANDS | SPGPrints reports it is helping UV inkjet label printers assure safe, uncontaminated packaging solutions to the food and pharmaceutical markets with a range of low-migration UV inkjet inks.

Specially optimized for the company’s own DSI (Digital System Integration) press, the inks meet the guidelines of the European Printing Ink Assn. and are compliant with the Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles (SR 817.023.21). Furthermore, company says, the inks do not contain any materials that have been excluded by the Nestlé Guidance on Packaging Inks.

The company says the new range is based on its common recipe that ensures the same high performance standards as the company’s regular inks, which offer high resistance to chemicals and scratches, coverage of more than 90% of the color gamut, and 93% opacity for white.

Bas Hoijtink, commercial manager graphics at SPGPrints, says, “Until now packaging buyers in the food and pharmaceutical sectors have had to rely on toner or analog solutions. [Our] low-migration Inks, together with the productivity advantages of the DSI press, give printers and brand owners full assurance of meeting globally recognized safety standards, and high performance on the widest choice of film and paper substrates, in short-run printing situations.”

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