OMET Reports Innovations on Presses


LECCO, ITALY | OMET announces two technical innovations on its XFlex printing presses.

A double unwinding system is said to reduces the time and material needed for job changeover. This semi-automatic system means the operator only needs to switch from one material roll to another, previously uploaded on the second shaft of the double unwinder, cut, splice and start printing.

The second unwinding shaft is an option that can applied to the presses of the XFlex line. The two shafts can be used alternatively so the preparation of the new roll on the free shaft can be done while the machine is still in operation.

The other innovation is the XFlex X6 with flexo/offset combination integrating in-line the Rhino flat-bed hot foil group from Swiss company Pantec.

Company says Rhino complements its press design flexibility due to its turning foil head and delivers cost-efficient production of complex designs in one pass, with the superior quality of flat-bed technology.

The Rhino can be used with low-cost flat-bed foil on rotary presses and flat embossing tools, leading to savings in material cost. In addition, a special foil saving system reportedly reduces the overall material supply. The Rhino is said to have all the necessary functionalities to achieve perfect embossing results: flat-bed hot foil embossing for rough papers and high relief depths thanks to its longer retention time in comparison to the rotating process; adjustable, accurate processing time independent of the production speed, as well as a robust design with a 2-eccentric shaft for the hub which ensures uniform embossing pressure under extreme conditions.

OMET says the group does not impact on the speed of changeover, a “must” in rotary printing presses with all-in-one-pass technology, as the embossing systems change is minimized thanks to a special tool cassette system. The effective set-up of the machine can be performed at set-up speed. The mechanics of Rhino enables operation speeds of up to 120 mpm.

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