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Digicon Machines Shipping with TruPoint Orange Doctor Blades

PLYMOUTH, MA | A.B. Graphic International is now shipping its Digicon Series 2 and Digicon Lite machines with the TruPoint Orange doctor blade. The label industry finishing equipment OEM selected Orange over other blade products due to its extended blade life and safety.

Established in 1954 in the U.K., A B Graphic International is a producer of label and package printing converting equipment. The company’s fully modular Digicon Series 2 combines semi-rotary technology with accurate re-registration modules for a variety of digital converting applications. Capabilities include hot foil, cold foil, flexo coating, screen printing, and lamination. The Digicon Lite, an entry-level model, provides varnishing, coating, and converting of digitally printed webs.

Flexo Concepts’ TruPoint Orange blades are used in the Digicon Series 2 and Digicon Lite flexo stations, which apply basic coatings and varnishes. Orange was chosen over steel for its superior blade life and safety characteristics and has become the sole blade shipped with all new machine installations.

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