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Tetra Recart Wins EAFA Award Makes Inroads for Retort

DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY—Tetra Pak reports its Tetra Recart, "the first fully retortable carton system," recently was bestowed with an EAFA (European Aluminum Foil Association) Foil Pack of 2002 award. Touted as "a significant advance in the packaging of retorted food products," the Tetra Recart packaging utilizes a flexible laminated material to form rectangular containers that can undergo heat sterilization up to 130° Celsius and 100% humidity for more than two hours after filling, says EAFA's web site (alufoil.org), which adds the aluminum foil barrier plays a key part in the new pack and permits a shelf life of up to two years.

It was almost a year ago Tetra Pak's Recart retortable carton gained FDA and USDA compliance in the USA. Says the packaging company, "Serving as an alternative to traditional metal, glass, and plastic-based packages, [the new] Tetra Recart offers a competitive advantage to manufacturers of solid foods and liquid foods with particulates such as fruits, vegetables, ready-to-eat foods, and pet food."

According to EAFA, in selecting the pack as "Foil Pack of the Year" (submitted entry: Friskies Winalot "Simply Fresh" dog food), the panel of judges recognized "a significant advance in the packaging of retorted food products and one that could change the picture of this sector considerably."

Adds EAFA, "The new flexible pack saves significant space, weight, and logistical costs throughout the whole packaging and retailing cycle. For the consumer, a tear-off laser-perforated closure strip provides easy opening. Thanks largely to the key part the aluminum foil barrier performs in the laminate, there is now a strong contender for the immense market traditionally held by the tinplate can."

For more information about Tetra Pak's Recart packaging visit tetrapak.com. Visit EAFA at alufoil.org for a list of 2002 Foil Pack of the Year winners.

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