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AWA Specialty Paper Conference Coming Up


AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS | AWA Alexander Watson Association announces the annual Specialty Paper Industry Conference will be held May 7 in Düsseldorf, Germany, the day prior to the opening of interpack 2014.

AWA reports that specialty papers account for nearly 7% of all paper and paperboard and are used in many applications, including medical packaging, tea bags, ventilation filters, fast food wrappers, specialized filtration, art media, and many more.

Presenting companies include:

CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industry)

SCA Forest Products AB

Södra Cell International AB

Two Sides Limited

UPM Raflatac

VTT, Fibre Product Manufacturing Technologies

Topics will include the “Two Team Project,” paper and pulps, recent nanocellulose activities, and environmental performance of paper products: de-bunking the myths and relaying the facts for using recycling paper, paper-less tools, "green," and "greenwashing."

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