Litco Adds New Sizes to Core Plug Line


VIENNA, OH | Litco International is offering new sizes of molded wood (presswood) core protection plugs to manufacturers and converters of paper, plastic film, and metallic foils. Core plugs are commonly used to prevent damage caused when paper rolls shift during transit. 

New 3-, 5-, and 6-in. sizes are slated for production in the second quarter of 2014. Company’s Inca brand core plug is produced using a proprietary molding process combining hard and softwood wood fibers with a synthetic resin. The engineered presswood molding uses high heat and pressure said to ensure consistent size and shape. Company says the resulting fiber structure creates an extremely strong plug exceeding industry standards for damage resulting from compression, side impact force, and moisture.

Reportedly, the smooth, durable surface of Inca core plugs ensures safe insertion into rolling cores and easy removal for reuse. Presswood core plugs are said to be cost-effective alternatives to molded plastic, MDF, and plywood composite core protection plugs.

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