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Esko-Graphics Launches Semi-Auto Version of Cyrel Digital Imager

GENT, BELGIUM—Esko-Graphics reports the launch of a semi-automatic version of the Cyrel digital imager (CDI) Advance platesetter. According to the packaging software/solutions mfr., the new system features a trolley and lift system that raises the flexo plate to a plate-loading table for easy mounting on the drum, eliminating the need for lifting large and heavy plates.

Esko-Graphics states, "Introduced in April 2003, the Esko-Graphics CDI Advance is a newly engineered digital imager with features that make it more user-friendly and ergonomic. It allows easier operation and it accommodates both plates and sleeves, while assuring the highest level of imaging quality and productivity."

The company says the CDI Advance comes with the Grapholas front-end software, fully graphical user interface and screen viewer, and a QA-tool. "It allows for last-minute changes, imposition, and executes unique flexo-dedicated features [like] plate usage optimization, sleeve support, seamless imaging, and cut marks," adds Esko.

Visit Esko-Graphics at esko-graphics.com.

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