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Agfa Intros Elite CTP Platesetters

RIDGEFIELD PK., NJ, USA—Agfa reports it recently introduced the Elite versions of the :Xcalibur VLF large-format CTP (computer-to-plate) platesetter and the :Xcalibur 45 8-up CTP platesetters. According to the prepress equipment manufacturer, the :Xcalibur Elite platesetters allow users to image with high-level screening solutions, including FM (:CristalRaster), XM (:Sublima), and AM (:Agfa balanced screening). "The Elite :Xcalibur VLF and :Xcalibur 45 represent Agfa's ability to push the boundaries of development, offering printers the technology to provide higher quality to our customers," adds the co.

Agfa says, like other models in the :Xcalibur VLF and :Xcalibur 45 lines, the Elites are high-definition CTP systems. Both use the Grating Light Value (GLV) imaging system developed by Silicon Light Machines. "The GLV provides the high level of accuracy necessary for advanced screening in the most demanding applications," explains the mfr.

More information about Agfa's products for the printing and converting industries can be found at agfa.com.

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