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Weyerhaeuser CEO Named Global CEO of Year

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA—Steven R. Rogel, chairman, president/CEO of Weyerhaeuser company, has been named Global CEO of Year by members of the financial community that follow the paper/forest products industry.

The members of the financial community surveyed [for this determination] agreed on a number of factors that led to Rogel's selection for this honor. They include: Weyerhaeuser's proposed acquisition of Williamette Industries; the acquisition and successful integration of MacMillan Bloedel and TJ International; and Rogel's continuing record of consolidating market share, cutting costs, boosting margins, and producing good earnings.

"Rogel has earned the CEO award this year," said one of the executives surveyed. "He has been pursuing a strategy of consolidation; his acquisition of Willamette will fit like a glove. He's doing the right thing," said the executive.

Another VP said of Rogel's selection: "[He] is in the forefront of what's going on in the industry. He heads a phenomenal management team looking to add value. It's a gutsy move to pursue a hostile takeover in the an industry where, historically, it's very friendly. If he doesn't end up with Willamette, it still shows a good investment attitude. It's an interesting battle to follow," the VP added.

Other industry CEOs that received a high number of nominations included: Raymond Royer, president/CEO of Domtar Inc; John Dillon, chairman/CEO of Intl. Paper Co.; and A.D. "Pete" Correll, chairman, president/CEO of Georgia-Pacific Corp.

Visit Weyerhaeuser on the web at weyerhaeuser.com.

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