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CFPA Recognizes Cascades or Environmental Efforts

ALGONQUIN, IL, USA—Chlorine Free Products Association (CFPA) recently announced "the continuing success of efforts to certify pulp and paper-making facilities according to the standards provided within Sustainable Manufacturing and Marketing Initiative (SMMI)." According to the association, the Cascades Tissue Group has expanded SMMI certification to three additional facilities in Rockingham, NC, USA, Mechanicville, NY, USA, and Lachute, QC, Canada. "Cascades Tissue Group is now certified at five of their North American facilities," adds CFPA.

According to CFPA, "SMMI certification brings accountability to the pulp and paper-making community by developing a 'chain of custody' that manages the supply chain starting in the forests, or the city forest (collecting post-consumer content fiber), and continues through the pulp/paper-making process. This certification ensures the delivery of products that are manufactured from sustainable raw materials in a chlorine-free process." Adds the assn., "This is a vital contribution to the world by providing economic, consumer, environmental, and aesthetic benefits indispensable to the quality of life."

Says Archie Beaton, executive director of CFPA, "It's exciting to see Cascades Tissue Group take their activity to the next level. We continue to seek ways to measure and index sustainability in the supply chain and eliminate the use of chlorine products. Cascades has stepped forward again to be a leader in sustainability and reach their goals in environmental stewardship."

Cascades Inc. was founded in 1964 and produces, converts, and markets packaging products, fine paper, and tissue paper. Internationally, the company employs more than 14,000 people and operates some 160 units in Canada, the US, Mexico, France, England, Germany, and Sweden. More information about the Cascades Group is available at cascades.com.

CFPA was founded in 1993 and "is the leader in certification of sustainable raw materials and the elimination of chlorine products from the paper-making process. The standards have been set under the SMMI guidelines and CFPA uses this unique tool to certify against and provide real environmental value to the marketplace." Visit CFPA at chlorinefreeproducts.org.

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