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<WGMT Offers PAF Assn. Member Discount

CHICAGO, IL, USA—Women in Graphic Media and Technology (WGMT) reports a "mutually beneficial relationship" with the Printing Association of Florida (PAF). "In response to member requests and in the spirit of association cooperation, [PAF]…will assist in promoting WGMT's program and services, and a discount of 25 percent will be extended to the employees of all PAF member organizations interested in joining WGMT," says the professional group, which, incidentally, accepts both female and male members.

WGMT adds that in order for PAF-member companies' employees to obtain the discount, the PAF member must be in good standing. For more information about the PAF/WGMT program, contact PAF member services at 800/331-0461, or WGMT's Julie Brink at 630/629-3410. Learn more about WGMT at wgmt.org.

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