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Colordyne Offers Product and Software Upgrades


BROOKFIELD, WI | Colordyne Technologies (CDT) is offering several new products and software upgrades. Company will now provide a copy of the its Label Designer Pro with each registered Industrial Class Printer Package at no additional cost. The Industrial Class printers include the CDT 1600-C continuous roll digital color printer and the CDT 1600-S sheet-fed digital color printer. Company says the purpose of providing the Label Designer Pro is to ensure that end-users have an efficient and simple way to incorporate variable data into any color-enhanced bar code product or shipping label.

The next generation of SoftRIP by Wasatch is said to offer seamless integration with the Label Designer Pro when color management is crucial. The update now requires the user only to navigate Label Designer Pro while the SoftRIP operates as a background task. Reportedly, this change in direction offers end-users the ability to produce thousands of labels while SoftRIP overlays its color management controls.

CDT is also offering a new print monitor application for improved management of its Industrial Class printers. This new application is said to provide more information to the user while also replacing the legacy Tool Box. Functions include drop counts, job costing, system status, and printer maintenance. This new print monitor application will be shipped with every Industrial Class Printer Package at no additional cost.

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