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Stafford Flange Mounting Collars Made to Order


WILMINGTON, MA | Stafford Manufacturing Corp. offers custom-made flange mounting collars said to be perfectly square for mounting a shaft, tube, or pipe to a flat surface or for attaching components to them. 

Collars can be manufactured from steel, stainless steel, alloys, aluminum, and thermoplastics in a wide range of flange designs, hole patterns, and sizes. Incorporating the Accu-Clamp non-marring and perfectly square clamping feature, these one-piece collars can be machined into flat and stable mounting flanges, hubs, or pulleys.

Featuring flatness and perpendicularity held to <0.001 TIR, collars can be manufactured in bore sizes from ½ in. to 6 in. I.D. with flanges to 14 in. O.D. and also as two-piece designs. Typical applications include converting, packaging, and conveying equipment as well as various power transmission, drive, and structural applications.

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