Gilbreth Packaging Boosts Production with Titan

CROYDON, PA | CMS Gilbreth Packaging Systems Inc., a div. of Cenveo Labels & Packaging, has recently installed a "new generation" Titan SR9-DT Dual Turret slitter/rewinder at its production facility 20 miles northeast of Philadelphia.

Gilbreth is a US leader in flexible packaging and labeling solutions and a key innovator in the ever-changing shrink sleeve marketplace. A forerunner within a group of flexography-focused US shrink sleeve converters, Gilbreth changed the market by introducing gravure printing on shrink films. This offering allows clients to benefit from superior print quality and market leading brand consistency.

Gilbreth’s new Titan SR9-DT slitter is 1650 mm (65 in.) wide with capacity up to 700 mm (27.5 in.) rewind reel diameters on both 76 and 152 mm (3 in. and  6 in.) cores. It also features an automatic knife positioning system with 30+ Dienes knives. The Titan SR9-DT includes the Optimum Roll Conditioning and Guider to Knife Positioning systems that help reduce material waste for a more sustainable solution.

The new slitter can process a wide range of materials to a minimum slit width of 25 mm (1 in.) on both 76 and 152 mm (3 in. and  6 in.) cores. Additionally, it has an automatic electronic slit reel unloading system to meet the expanding production requirements of the company.

“We are very impressed with the productivity of the new Titan SR9-DT turret slitter,” commented Brian Garnett, VP and general manager at Gilbreth. “Set-up for rewinding multiple narrow slit widths for our labels business is systematic and streamlined. Downtime between reel set changeovers is virtually non-existent. This investment has made an extremely positive impact to our slitting capabilities,” he confirmed.

The Linear Tracking Slitter (LTS) section on the Titan SR9 Series slitters ensures the shortest and most consistent constant web length between the knives and rewind shafts for improved web control. This advancement provides the highest possible side wall quality of rewind reels and supports the reduction of potential waste.

The new features provide exceptional performance and productivity at running speeds of up to 1,000 mpm (3,300 fpm). The SR9 Series is also available in a 2250 mm (88 in.) machine width.

Gilbreth is a nationally recognized powerhouse in the shrink sleeve labeling and tamper evident band marketplace. Since 1961 Gilbreth has been an industry leader offering strategically engineered full body shrink sleeve labels, a successful alternative to pressure-sensitive paper and film labels. In 1983 Gilbreth took the same strategized approach to bring the market cutting-edge graphic reproduction, but this time with tamper evident bands.

“From the moment we rolled out the offering to our customers, tamper-evident bands have proven to be a value-added offering to our clients. Not only does a tamper-evident band offer peace of mind to the consumer that a product is fresh and has not been tampered with, but it can simultaneously give a package a higher perceived value,” stated Garnett.

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