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SpencerLAB Offers Test Files for Print Analysis


MELVILLE, NY | SpencerLAB offers the Printer Test Suite a collection of test files for comprehensive analysis of text, lines, tints and blends, computer graphics, photographic images, and process artifacts and characteristics of the printing architecture and workflow, inclusive of media. Target markets include labels and more.

The full SpencerLAB Printer Test Suite (ver. 4.6) contains more than 3 gigabytes of data,, including more than 100 test files (in over 200 adaptations, printing over 500 pages). Subsets of the Suite for limited application areas are available at reduced pricing.

Test Objectives include print quality, throughput, cost-per-print, durability, and reliability. Applications include MS Office, Adobe Suite, CAD, Acrobat PDF, and PostScript.

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