Maxson Adds Slitter Rig to Dual Knife Rotary Sheeters


WESTERLY, RI | Maxson Automatic Machinery Co. reports an ergonomically designed slitter rig module is a feature of company’s Dual Knife Rotary Sheeters

Design incorporates a switch that constantly monitors the tension of the safety cord positioned across the width of the slitter rig. If the cord is pulled, an emergency stop is initiated. Once an emergency stop is activated, the sheeter must be restarted manually, eliminating concern about automatic startup.

The module’s design permits quick change of the bottom rings without removing the lower slitter shaft, company says. A web clamp is incorporated into the slitting rig module. The clamp holds the web in place in the event an emergency stop is activated. Under such a condition, the cutter’s squeeze roll is raised. This feature does away with the need for the operator to rethread the sheeter after an emergency stop is activated.

The slitting rig module is said to provide excellent visibility and open access to each slitter for easy, fine adjustment. Minimally intrusive, well marked finger guards protect operator from injury.

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