Centrexpo/Ipack-Ima Unveil Extensive Event Program

CHICAGO, IL | During a press conference attended by PFFC, Centrexpo/Ipack-Ima announced plans to stage five exhibitions at Fieramilano in Italy from May 19-23, 2015. The shows—IPACK-IMA, Converflex, Grafitalia, Fruitech, and Intralogistica Italia (in partnership with Deutsche Messe)—will merge in a single event beginning in 2015, then move to an every-three-year cycle.

The timing coincidences with EXPO 2015, the Universal Exposition to be held in Milan at the Rho-Pero fairgrounds from May to October 2015 under the theme "Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life."

IPACK-IMA will occupy the closest area to the Eastern Gate of the Fieramilano-Rho exhibition center, right next to the EXPO 2015 entrance and to the Underground Line 1 Rho-Fiera stop. An anticipated 100,000 visitors will have access to all exhibition halls as well as to the Universal Exposition.

  • IPACK-IMA offers a comprehensive display of processing and packaging equipment and materials in the food and nonfood industries.
  • Converflex serves the package printing, converting, labeling, and tissue industries.
  • Grafitalia is dedicated to technology evolution in the graphic arts, print media, and communication sectors.
  • Fruitech showcases a full range of technologies for processing and preserving fruit and vegetables from post-harvest to distribution.
  • Intralogistica Italia offers comprehensive logistics and material handling systems side by side with cutting-edge warehousing and transportation solutions.

The main theme of the 2015 edition of IPACK-IMA is "Sustainable packaging for development," in synergy with the theme of the EXPO. Guido Corbella, CEO of Centrexpo/Ipack-Ima Group, said, "What we have made is a precise strategic choice—every three years, construct events capable of best serving the different publics attending our exhibitions. We plan to increasingly focus on our business communities, which grow to become full-fledged, specialized exhibitions…."

Corbella said the three elements of food sustainability are culture, economics, and environment. He said challenges must be addressed in a balanced way. "We can play a significant role in helping manufacturers to design their presence and meet their goals according to the specific market requirement."

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