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HP Offers New Ink Solutions at Pack Expo


LAS VEGAS | HP participated in Pack Expo 2013, September 23–25, in Las Vegas, announcing a range of new ink solutions.

“The product identification market requires reliable, high quality printing solutions on a variety of porous and non-porous substrates,” says Kathleen Tobin, VP and general manager, Specialty Printing Systems, HP. “With increased options to deliver an expanding ink portfolio, OEMs’ end customers can now print on a broader range of substrates, allowing them to apply HP TIJ [thermal inkjet] in new applications and experience the core benefits of TIJ.”

The new HP 45si print cartridge is the first HP thermal inkjet print cartridge optimized for mild solvent inks, used for printing on nonporous and semi-porous substrates in the product identification market. The cartridge is said to support extended shelf life for ethanol-based solvent inks, helping OEM partners and ink developers to improve supply chain and inventory management processes. Ink formulations may also optimize durability attributes in the new cartridge.

The cartridge enables higher-frequency printing at a longer throw distance for higher productivity. It is also said to support higher viscosity inks, expanding the range of substrates it can print on.

HP 2580 is a new solvent ink to be delivered in the 45si cartridge. The ink is designed for printing on coated and blister foils commonly used in the pharmaceutical market. Reportedly, the long decap time of HP 2580 enables production flexibility, including stopping and restarting production line without having to maintain the print cartridge. Additionally it is said to offer excellent print quality for 1D/2D barcodes, neutral black color, and fast dry time.

Company is incorporating in the 45si print cartridge Smart Card Technology, a secure authentication system that ensures an improved customer experience with HP TIJ supplies, through on-board pen firing information and usage data tracking.


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