LPS Pouches Provide Added Security

MOONACHIE, NJ--In reponse to consumers' increasing product security concerns, LPS Industries has developed "unit specific bar coding." Now available on all LPS-printed pouches, both flat and zippered, the code (with zero duplication) is printed securely on each pouch, thus making possible to track the possession history of virtually any package, reports the mfr.

Says Jack Cunneen, VP of sales at LPS, "In light of recent events, certain regulatory agencies have expressed interest in [this proprietary] technology. The ability to track a product's handling history may be especially valuable to pharmaceutical and bio-chemical packagers whose products may be subject to dangerous misuse. Unit specific bar coding can benefit [almost] any manufacturer interested in taking product security to the next level, while still protecting brand integrity."

Visit LPS Industries on the web at www.lpsind.com.

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