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Montalvo Load Cell Controls Tension on Narrow Webs


GORHAM, ME | The Montalvo Corp., international specialists in industrial web control systems, announces the XR, a new ribbon-width cantilever load cell designed to provide accurate and repeatable tension for very narrow webs. 

President Ed Montalvo says, “This new X-series is designed for a customized fit into very narrow web, ribbon, wire, or single-strand applications to measure tension on the narrowest of materials.”

Features include:

• Multiple load ratings

• Two mounting styles—through-frame single bolt or flange mount

• Customer-specified roller or pulley—diameter, profile, material, and finish

• Body only option—to fit customer-supplied rollers and pulleys.

On company website customers are able to specify a custom roller, pulley, or adapter and then submit the form for a quote or application analysis.

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